About Us

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What started as a curiosity to know more about Vastu in 2006, transformed to a full-fledged study of this Science and a successful consulting practice for us at VastuTruth. We are located in Dallas, Texas.

The more we studied about Vastu sciences, the more it became apparent that it is closely related to principles of modern Physics and Engineering. Vastu fundamentals can be strongly tied to modern medicine and physical energy principles, as well. Having served over a hundred clients, we decided to start a full-fledged Consulting practice to serve more people in the community.

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Principal Consultant

Our Principal Consultant, Dr. Kumar has two Engineering degrees, and has specialized in Vastu and energetics,to offer the best choice for new and old construction.

Our Principal has dual Masters and a Doctorate degree from USA and has authored multiple books and several journal publications, and is a frequent speaker at national and International conferences. He is an expert in offering customized Vastu solutions to suit the construction standards and weather patterns in North America.

Our Principal is also a Diploma Holder in Traditional (Vasthu Shasthra) Architecture from a pioneer State run Institute and nodal agency for Vasthu, under Government of India.

VastuTruth offers only scientific remedial measures to alleviate the Vastu non-compliant issues surrounding your property.



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