About Us

Our History

What started as a curiosity to know more about Vastu in 2006, transformed to a full-fledged study of this Science and a successful consulting practice for us at VastuTruth. Having served over a hundred clients, we decided to start a full-fledged Consulting practice to serve more people in the community.

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Your Dream Home Awaits You

Expert Vastu Review for Urgent Pre-Purchase Decisions in Hot Markets

Vastu Review for urgent decisions in hot housing markets, quick turnaround guaranteed in a couple of hours, so that you can make the best offer for the ideal property, before someone else gets it.

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We Are Experts in Customized Vastu Designs

Contact VastuTruth before you buy the property or plot or finalize the design or remodel of your dream home or office or business. A phone call could save you hundreds to millions of dollars and from making the wrong choice. Dr. Kumar, Expert Vastu Consultant in USA on Houzz

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We Do Fully Vastu Compliant Custom Designs


Vastu Consultation Online

Telephone/Online Consultation with customized Vastu review summary report. This includes review of plan(s), plot layout, and analysis remotely, in lieu of an onsite visit.

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Vastu Design & Remodel

VastuTruth will do the preliminary home design based on your requirements and following strict Vastu Science principles. You can take our design and go to the engineer or architect and finalize the plan for city or county approvals.

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Vastu Compliance Package

The most popular option for buyers to choose their next home or office! We will work with you to choose the best Vastu compliant plot and select/modify a plan to maximum compliance or Review up to 5 existing (built) houses, with proper plans.

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Commercial Vastu

VastuTruth offers Commercial Vastu Consultation in USA for existing properties and new developments - offices, commercial properties, medical facilities etc..

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Builders, Property Developers, Realtors !

VastuTruth offers a "New Community Development Package" that provides every detail needed from the ground up to develop, market, and sell the entire plots and Vastu Compliant house designs to satisfied clients.

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Onsite Property Visit

Onsite (local) visit, followed by detailed Vastu analysis, and customized review report. Additional driving charges applicable.

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